Who is the Nebraska Telecommunications Association?
The Nebraska Telecommunications Association represents the local telecommunications industry in Nebraska ~ the companies who provide Nebraskans with communications technology for today and the future.

Our Mission Statement
The mission of the Nebraska Telecommunications Association is to enhance the opportunities of its members by advocating member interests, offering education and promoting a positive image of the industry.

Broadband in Nebraska
Telecommunications companies in Nebraska, as well as other private and investor-owned companies, provide broadband access to every corner of the state.

Nebraska Universal Service Fund
Nebraska’s system of ensuring affordable and reliable phone service for all Nebraskans is a model for the country! Click here to read more…

The Nebraska Telecommunications Association Core Principles
Members of the Nebraska Telecommunications Association (NTA) provide quality, affordable and reliable communication services to all Nebraskans. From urban to rural areas the services our members provide grow our communities by investing in critical communications infrastructure that empowers Nebraskans to connect and compete on a global level. NTA members are committed to accelerate deployment of broadband across Nebraska. The Nebraska Telecommunications Association exists to serve its members in support of the following principles.

PRINCIPLE 1: Serve all Nebraskans
Members of the NTA take seriously their duty as carriers of last resort under Nebraska law to provide telecommunications services to all persons in their service territories.

PRINCIPLE 2: Make Prudent use of Federal and State Support
Affordable and comparable service to every Nebraskan is not possible without federal and state support.  NTA member companies recognize their responsibility to use this support in a prudent way to bring communications services to every customer.

PRINCIPLE 3: Promote an Efficient Market and Fair Competition
In order to successfully operate in today’s competitive marketplace, telecommunications companies should be free of undue regulations and unfair competition from governmental entities.

PRINCIPLE 4: Deploy Ubiquitous Broadband
NTA members recognize their unique position to help grow Nebraska through the deployment of ubiquitous broadband, empowering Nebraskans to connect with the world and compete on a global level.

NTA Board of Directors and NTA Committees

Broadband in Nebraska

2017 Nebraska Broadband TODAY! Conference – Broadband 101 and Broadband 102 videos now available!