2017 Nebraska Broadband TODAY!

Objective: To increase understanding of how broadband adoption can impact economic well-being and quality of life in Nebraska

Do you want a crash course on broadband technologies or broadband policy?  Or are you looking for ways your community could partner with telecommunications providers?  If so, then check out the Broadband 101 and 102 videos which were recorded during the Nebraska Broadband Today Conference on Oct. 26, 2017. The conference was convened by the Nebraska Telecommunications Association in partnership with the Nebraska Broadband Initiative.


Broadband 101

The Broadband 101 session featured presentations on broadband technologies and policy by two rock star presenters: Jason Axthelm, NebraskaLink and Doc Wininger, Pinpoint Holdings.

The Broadband 101 videos have been broken up into 8 segments:

What is broadband?

Bits, Bytes, and Other Important Terms

Broadband Technologies—Overview and DSL

Broadband Technologies—Cable Modem

Broadband Technologies—Fiber

Broadband Technologies—Wireless and Satellite

Telecom Policy in Nebraska

Questions and Answers


Broadband 102 – Better Together: How Communities and Telecommunications Providers Can Work

The Broadband 102 session brings together two representatives of the telecommunications industry and a local economic developer to discuss how communities and providers can work together to improve broadband services. The session is moderated by Cullen Robbins, Nebraska Public Service Commission and features three panelists: Tom Shoemaker, Pinpoint Holdings, Brad Moline, Allo Communications, and Jonathan Jank, Seward County Chamber & Development Partnership.

Thanks to OCIO employees, Nancy Taylor and Sam Fifer, for their help in recording and editing the videos

The conference is convened by the Nebraska Telecommunications Association in collaboration with the Nebraska Broadband Initiative.